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BST-50 Rice Hull Carbonizer Exported to Colombia

Rice hull carbonizers are becoming increasingly popular in Colombia for their ability to create high-quality charcoal from a waste product. In Febraury 2023, Beston Group exported BST-50 rice hull carbonizer to Colombia. Colombia customers plan to use the final charcoal as BBQ charcoal. This environmentally friendly and efficient method of producing charcoal has caught the attention of many Colombians, leading to an increase in demand for rice hull carbonizers.

BST-50 Rice Hull Carbonizer Exported to Colombia

Details about BST-50 Rice Hull Carbonizer in Colombia

  • Model: BST-50 with dryer;
  • Capacity: 10-15m³/h;
  • Raw material: rice hull contains 30% moisture;
  • Final product: biochar;
  • Use of final product: BBQ charcoal and soil improvement;

Production and Delivery of BST-50 Rice Hull Carbonizer to Colombia

The manufacturing process of Beston rice hull carbonizer machine involves the assembly of the various components and testing to ensure that the machine is working optimally. Once the machine has been tested and certified, it is packaged and prepared for shipping to Colombia.

The shipment of Beston charcoal machine to Colombia is done through a reliable logistics company, ensuring that the machine arrives at the customer’s doorstep safely and on time. Beston uses experienced and professional logistics companies to ensure that their customers receive their machines in a timely and efficient manner.

Once the Beston charcoal machine arrives in Colombia, the customer is notified, and the machine is transported to its final destination. Beston also provides installation and training services to ensure that the customer can use the BBQ charcoal machine effectively and safely. The training covers the proper use and maintenance of the machine to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

BST-50 Rice Hull Carbonizer Shipped to Colombia
Case of Carbonizer to Colombia

BST-50 Biochar Reactor to Colombia
BST-50 Rice Hull Carbonizer on the Truck


If you’re a business looking to expand your market in Colombia, consider the potential of rice hull biochar reactors. This sustainable and efficient product has the potential to be a game-changer in the charcoal industry, and could help your business tap into a growing demand for environmentally friendly products in Colombia.

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