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BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Turkey in April 2022

Beston shipped BST-50 biomass pyrolysis plant to Turkey in April 2022. BST-50 is the largest biomass pyrolysis machine in Beston. It can recycle about 4.5 to 5 tons of waste biomass per hour.

BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Turkey
BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Turkey

Project Details of BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Turkey

1. Get in Touch with Beston

In order to deliver richer information to customers, Beston publishes news on many social platforms. Customers in Turkey get in touch with Beston from LinkedIn.

2. Communication Needs

The raw materials to be processed by Turkish customers are olive husks and various other fruit husks. Due to the high moisture content of the raw materials, the customer is equipped with an additional dryer. The final biochar customer decides to directly sell or further process to obtain higher-value products. In fact, both ways can bring good economic benefits to customers.

3. Determine the Contract

The final customer decided to buy BST-50 biomass pyrolysis equipment with a dryer. Although the customer is not very familiar with Beston, the strength of Beston and the attentive service of the sales manager make the customer trust Beston and buy the largest model directly.

4. Production and Shipment

Once the contract with the customer is signed, Beston immediately informs the factory to produce for the customer according to the contract. It is expected to arrive at the destination within 45 working days. During production and shipment, Beston sales managers keep customers updated with the latest information.

5. Customer Reviews

Although I was working with Beston for the first time, during the process I found that they always met my needs very well, and all suggestions and changes were recorded. This serious work ethic may be the reason for their success. If the BST-50 biochar pyrolysis equipment works well, I would love to keep working with Beston in depth.

Cooling Tower to Turkey
Cooling Tower
Induced Draft Fan to Turkey
Induced Draft Fan
Water Cooling System to Turkey
Water Cooling System
Spray Tower to Turkey
Spray Tower
Frame to Turkey


Beston biomass pyrolysis plant is available to recycle all kinds of biomass waste. If you’re planning to make biochar from waste, please contact Beston to get a customized service.We’re looking forward to getting in touch with you.

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