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BST-20 Oak Carbonizer Machine Sent to Turkey

In March 2021, a set of BST-20 oak carbonizer machine successfully sent to Turkey.

The function of the Beston carbonizer machine is to convert waste biomass into carbon. Our Turkish customer uses this machine to recycle and process oak. And this carbonizer mahcine comes with the capacity of 20 tons per day.

BST-20 Oak Carbonizer Machine Sent to Turkey
BST-20 Oak Carbonizer Machine Sent to Turkey

Details of BST-20 Oak Carbonizer Machine to Turkey

As you can see from the picture, BST-20 carbonizer machine is sent from Beston factory. Our workers carefully packed each part of the machine before loading, so that to prevent wear and tear, bumps and other problems during transportation. When the biochar machine arrives in Turkey, Beston engineers will guide its installation and operation.

Carbonizer Machine in Beston Factory
Shipping Details of BST-20 Carbonizer Machien to Turkey
Carbonizer Machine to Turkey Loaded

Turkey is rich in charcoal making materials. Biomass charcoal is also very popular in Turkey. These manufactured charcoals can be used for barbecue, heating, industrial fuel, soil fertilizer, etc. You can also process the charcoal further. For example, it can be ground into powder and used as pigment, or activated to make activated carbon for air purification.

Beston wood to charcoal machine is very valuable to the environment. Investing this machine can improve both economy and environment in Turkey. Contact Beston to get the latest information now!


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