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BST-10 Charcoal Manufacturing Machine Installed in Lianyungang China

Last month BST-10 carbonization equipment was successfully installed at Lianyungang, China.

BST-10 Charcoal Manufacturing Machine to Lianyungang

BLJ-10 charcoal production machine can process about one ton of materials per hour. Nowadays the carbonizer machine is highly automated. Many customers choose this type of machine because it’s not only easy to operate but also very efficient. Our customer in Lianyungang mainly uses it to convert sawdust and other materials into valuable carbon.

Beston carbonization plant can process not only sawdust, but also biomass waste such as coconut shells, palm shells, bamboo, or sludge, solid waste, etc. All of these materials can be processed by the carbonization equipment to obtain a high value product.

BST-10 Charcoal Manufacturing Machine
BST-10 Charcoal Machine

Beston is highly rated by many customers for superior quality and our carbonization plant is ISO certified, so you can buy with confidence. Many customers may want to know how much charcoal or tar you can produce from the provided raw material. We would like to say that due to the complexity of the raw materials, we cannot give you an exact answer immediately. If you wish, please send us some samples first and we will test them for you before proceeding with the analysis.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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