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BST-10 Biochar Machine Installed in Guizhou, China

Beston biochar machine was successfully installed in Guizhou, China on September 22, 2021. Our customers use this machine to convert straw to biochar. After two months of smooth operation, customers sent feedback that they were very satisfied with the machine. You can watch the video to learn more about the operation of carbon making machines in Guizhou.

How Guizhou Customers Successfully Carry Out Biochar Making Project?

Guizhou customers have abundant biomass resources. In today’s market, he thinks that using biomass to make charcoal is a good solution. However, most of the charcoal making machines will pollute the environment and cannot achieve both economic and social benefits. By chance, a customer in Guizhou learned about the Beston biochar equipment for sale, so they came to the factory to visit and communicate with the sales consultant. Beston biochar production equipment for sale won’t cause any pollution to the environment! Finally, the Guizhou customer decided to buy the BST-10 carbon making machine from Beston. This equipment can process 10 tons of biomass per day.

BST-10 Biochar Machine Installed in Guizhou, China - Straw to Biochar
BST-10 Biochar Machine Installed in Guizhou, China – Straw to Biochar

Beston Services for Customers in Guizhou

Beston factory strictly according to the contract and delivers it successfully within the stipulated date. We also provide intimate after-sales service for Guizhou customers, including installation, operation guidance and free training. With the assistance of Beston engineers, Guizhou customers build the biochar production site and finally get high quality biochar!

Biochar Project Base
Biochar Project Base
Main Furnace in Guizhou
Main Furnace
Feeding System in Guizhou
Feeding System

Dryer for Straw
Dryer for Straw
Dust Removing System in Guizhou
Dust Removing System
Successful Biochar Production
Biochar Production

How Do Guizhou Customers Evaluate Beston Biochar Machine?

After running for about two months, a customer in Guizhou sent us feedback, “Beston biochar equipment is excellent in terms of work efficiency and quality, and most importantly, the entire operation process does not produce any pollution. Beston is undoubtedly an environmentally friendly device. The most reliable supplier in the industry!” It is understood that this project has also been highly valued by the Guizhou government. Local officials come to the charcoal production site in person.

Local Officials Visit Biochar Production Project
Local Officials Visit Biochar Production Project

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