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BST-10 Biochar Machine Installed in Colombia

Under the guidance of Beston after-sales engineers, BST-10 biochar machine was installed and operated in Columbia. When Colombian customers successfully produced high-quality biochar, they were excited to share the good news with us. Next, learn more about the BST-10 biochar machine installation site.

BST-10 Biochar Machine Installed in Colombia
Installation of BST-10 Biochar Machine in Colombia

Installation of BST-10 Biochar Machine in Colombia

Before shipment, Beston delivery team provided a 3D production layout so that Colombian customers could prepare the production site in advance. When the BST-10 biochar equipment arrived in Colombia, the customer successfully completed the installation work under the online guidance of the engineer. A video of the BST-10 being installed in Columbia can be seen next. You can watch the operation video on YouTube.

Making Biochar in Colombia

It is understood that Colombian customers use palm kernel shells and pecan shells as raw materials for the production of biochar. Compared with other sources, this kind of husk biochar has higher economic value. Biochar is widely used in Colombia for soil improvement, alternative fuels and other highly processed applications.

Using husks to make biochar not only brings economic benefits but also has huge environmental benefits in the long run. If you are interested in this business, Beston Group is happy to support you.

High-quality Biochar in Colombia
High-quality Biochar in Colombia

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