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BST-10 BBQ Charcoal Machine Shipped to Finland

In order to convert local waste wood chips into best-selling barbecue charcoal, a Finnish customer contacted Beston to order a BST-10 barbecue charcoal machine. It is expected that the BST-10 BBQ charcoal making machine will arrive in Finland at the end of January 2023, when Beston engineers will also arrive at the site to help Finnish customers install the charcoal machine.

BST-10 BBQ Charcoal Machine Shipped to Finland
BST-10 BBQ Charcoal Machine Shipped to Finland

Project Details of Charcoal Machine in Finland

  • Model: BST-10;
  • Capacity: 1ton/hour;
  • Raw Materials; sawdust;
  • Source: local acquisition;
  • Final products: BBQ charcoal.

Why Finland Customers Choose Beston Group?

Rich and Successful Cases

Every time a related case about charcoal machine is made, Beston solution manager will share it with the Finnish customer. What’s more, Finnish customers trust Beston even more when they see charcoal machines being exported to countries around Europe. In repeated communication, Finnish customers recognized Beston Group and made us their preferred charcoal making machine supplier.

Superior Quality and Beautiful Appearance

Finnish customers can get charcoal making machine for sale with higher quality and more beautiful appearance but more affordable price. Beston charcoal machine has a longer service life and has complete safety and energy-saving design.

Complete After-sales Service

When the Finnish customer signed the contract with Beston, Beston factory immediately began to produce BST-10 BBQ charcoal machine. It is expected that after the complete set of equipment arrives in Finland, Beston after-sales engineers will arrive at the site to assist customers in completing the installation work.

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