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BST-05PRO Mobile Biochar Machine Exported to the US

Making biochar from waste biomass is proved a profitable business! The US customers invested in BST-05PRO mobile biochar machine. Full set of this machine is exported to the US at the end of November. Keep reading to learn more details.

BST-05PRO Mobile Biochar Machine Exported to the US
BST-05PRO Mobile Biochar Machine Exported to the US

More Information About BST-05PRO Mobile Biochar Machine to the US

  • Model: BST-05PRO;
  • Efficiency: work 40 hours per week;
  • Output: 500 tons of biochar per year;
  • Raw material: sawdust;
  • Final product: biochar for soil improvement;

Reasons That US Customers Start Biochar Making Project

Strong Industry Correlation

The concept of the Beston mobile biochar machine is consistent with the customer’s envisioned carbon capture at scale. This machine can collect waste biomass and converts it into biochar. What’s more, American customers are skilled in carbon mineralization technology, organic waste treatment, biofuel production, anaerobic decomposition tank (composting), etc., so they know that this is a promising project.

If your industry is also related to Biochar machines for sale by Beston, please take the opportunity to contact us now.

Biochar Making is Profitable

From the perspective of raw materials, the US customers have a lot of waste wood chips for free. Wood chips are a good raw material for making biochar because of its small size and good fluidity.

From a product point of view, American customers plan to sell biochar at a price of $1,000/ton. Mixing biochar with compost plays an important role in agricultural soil improvement. On top of that, U.S. customers can also sell carbon credits, which works out to around $400 per ton of biochar. Carbon credits can also be monetized and earn high returns.

Generally speaking, biochar manufacturing projects are the best choice for industry-related customers, because this production method is completely healthy and has high returns.

Advantages of Beston Mobile Biochar Machine

Easy to Transport and Install

The mobile biochar equipment is compact in design and can save you transportation costs. Besides, almost 80%-90% goose biochar machines have been installed before shipping. After the complete set of equipment arrives in the United States, customers only need to simply assemble it to start production.

Less Investment and Faster Return

Due to the affordable charcoal machine price, more investors can join this industry. High-value biochar can help investors return their capital within half a year!

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