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BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Spain

On September 16, 2021, Beston successfully shipped the BLJ-3 skid mounted pyrolysis plant to Spain.

Beston pyrolysis machine is to recycle solid wastes such as waste tires, rubber and sludge. After treatment by pyrolysis equipment, you can get high-value pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire from the waste. The skid-mounted pyrolysis equipment is the latest design of Beston. This small type meets the needs of customers with small production needs. It can process 1-3 tons of solid waste per day (the specific processing volume should be calculated according to the actual situation).

Beston Designed Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Designed Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant

Shipping Details of Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Spain

Beston workers will check and pack the machine and accessories carefully before loading to the truck. The skid-mounted pyrolysis plant accessories are complicated while Beston provides considerate after-sales service. Due to the inconvenience of the epidemic, we have specially launched online guide installation service for customers. The Spanish employees will also be trained to ensure safe and efficient production.

BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Spain
BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Spain
Pyrolysis Plant Loaded to Spain
Pyrolysis Plant Loaded on the Truck

Condensation of Pyrolysis Plant to Spain
Condensation Part
Chimney Part of Pyrolysis Plant
Chimney Part

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Spain

Pyrolysis equipment has great market potential in Spain. A large quantity of waste tires exists in Spain, which not only harms the environment, but also causes resources waste. Just invest in our pyrolysis equipment to turn waste into treasure and obtain economic and environmental benefits. As early as 2007, the Spanish government issued a decree to hope that 98% of waste tires can be recycled. Waste tyre to fuel oil plant can enjoy strong government support and a series of preferential policies in Spain.

If you want to use Beston pyrolysis equipment to recycle used tires in Spain, please contact us immediately to customize feasible measures for you.

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