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BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant Ready For Shipment To Paraguay

Last month Paraguay client purchased BLJ-3 skid mounted pyrolysis plant from Beston.

BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Plant To Paraguay
BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Plant To Paraguay
BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant Shipped To Paraguay
BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant Shipped To Paraguay

BLJ-3 skid-mounted pyrolysis plant is Beston’s latest product. This equipment is popular among customers because it’s easy to transport, install and operate. Thanks to the all-in-one design, the machine is ready to start production as soon as it arrives at its destination. You can even change production sites flexibly.

Once the pyrolysis plant arrives at Paraguay, Beston will assign an engineer to install and commission the equipment. You don’t have to worry about after-sales issues. If you encounter problems you can contact us at any time, we provide flexible guidance methods both online and offline. Beston will provide maximum convenience for your production.

Here are the shipping details of this pyrolysis plant.

Beston Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay
BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay
Part of BLJ-3 Skid Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay
Beston Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay

The raw materials of waste pyrolysis plant are mainly waste tires, rubber and oil sludge. After treatment by pyrolysis equipment, you can get high value carbon black and oil. The composition of raw materials varies greatly. If you are interested please leave a message at the bottom of the website immediately to tell us the raw materials you want to process. Later our technician will make a cost-benefit analysis for you based on the information you provide.

If you have a need to process waste tires, rubber or oil sludge, please feel free to contact us and find a satisfied solution.

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