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BLJ-3 Mini Pyrlysis Plant Shipped to Australia

Australia has always had stricter requirements for environmental protection projects. Congratulations, Beston successfully shipped BLJ-3 mini pyrolysis machine to Australia on 25th January 2022! It is expected to arrive in Australia within a month. In this video, you can see the shipment details of BLJ-3 pyrolysis plant to Australia.

Project Details of BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Plant to Australia

Australian customers mainly manage tire import and maintenance work, and they always wanted to use an environmentally friendly method to dispose of the waste tires. After investigation, they knew that pyrolysis is the way to achieve both environmental and economic benefits, so they searched for reliable pyrolysis equipment suppliers on google. Beston Group was so impressed with the Australian customers and they got in touch with Beston. After communication, we learned that it is difficult to obtain an EIA certificate in Australia, while the production of Beston equipment is in line with international requirements. In the end, the Australian customer decided to buy a mini pyrolysis plant first, which could not only save costs, avoid risks, but also start tire refining production in time.

Pyrolysis Reactor to Australia
Mini Pyrolysis Reactor
Three-in-one Condenser to Australia
Three-in-one Condenser
Mini Pyrolysis Plant Loaded to Australia
Mini Pyrolysis Plant Loaded to Australia

Why Australian Customers Choose Beston?

Beston provides customers with rich information, including the components of pyrolysis plant, waste tyre pyrolysis process, the composition and function of accessories and so on. Australian customers said ” although I did not copme to visit Beston Group, I believe Beston is a very professional pyrolysis equipment supplier based on the information displayed by Beston and the services I received.”

Well-protected Accessories of Pyrolysis Plant to Australia
Well-protected Accessories of Pyrolysis Plant to Australia

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