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BLJ-10 Waste Pyrolysis Plant to Kenya

Beston has sent BLJ-10 waste pyrolysis plant to Kenya on January 26, 2022. There are enough waste tire and plastic in their area. Finally obtained pyrolysis oil can meet their factory demand and sales demand.

Beston BLJ-10 Waste Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Kenya
BLJ-10 Waste Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Kenya

How Did Kenyan Customers Buy BLJ-10 Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Kenyan customers Google for the best way to reuse waste tire and plastic. Then they found Beston and got in touch with us. Beston offers a perfect solution – turn waste tire and waste plastic into pyrolysis oil. Our customers have no relevant experience, while they choose to trust Beston. Because Beston Team solves their problems professionally and patiently. Finally Kenyan customers ordered a set of BLJ-10 pyrolysis machinery which can possess about 10 tons of waste per day. It costs 30 working days for Beston to produce this machine. It is expected to arrive in Kenya in March.

Casing of BLJ-16 to Kenya
Casing and Foundation of BLJ-16 to Kenya
High Temperature Ceramic Cotton

Shipping List of BLJ-10 Waste Pyrolysis Plant to Kenya

The full set of waste pyrolysis machine includes base, casing, main furnace, gas purification system, discharging system and so on. From these pictures you can see Beston workers carefully wrapped the accessories and then loaded them to the truck.

Spray Tower to Kenya
Spray Tower
Base of BLJ-10 to Kenya
Three in One Condensor to Kenya
Three in One Condensor
Collect Resid Oil
Collect Resid Oil


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