Biomass Pellet Machine

Biomass pellet machine is used to make pellets from organic matters, such as wood chips, sawdust, straw, rice husks, grass, corncob, palm fiber, peanut shells, cotton stalks, etc. The end products, pellets, are a kind of solid biomass fuel, which are widely used for residential heating, cooking, BBQ, industrial uses, etc. Beston offers ring die biomass pellet mill for sale, which can process 1-3 tons of raw materials per hour. Besides, the biomass pelletizer is available stand-alone or in a complete set. Below are more parameters for your reference.

Biomass Pellet Machine
Biomass Pellet Machine
Biomass Pellet Machine for Sale
Complete Biomass Pellet Mill for Sale

Model Capacity Power (kW) Mold Diameter Dimension Feed Bin Conveyor Deduster (mm)
BKL-10 1-1.5 t/h 75 kW 450 mm 2.85*1.1*2m 2.2*0.8*1.1m 7*0.5m φ750*2600
BKL-20 1.5-2 t/h 90 kW 450 mm 2.85*1.1*2m 2.2*0.8*1.1m 7*0.5m φ750*2600
BKL-25 2-2.5 t/h 110 kW 576 mm 3.2*1.3*2.5m 2.6*0.85*1.3m 8*0.5m φ750*2600
BKL-30 2.5-3 t/h 132 kW 596 mm 3.2*1.3*2.5m 2.6*0.85*1.3m 8*0.5m φ750*2600

Remarks: The diameter of mold will influence the production capacity. As for the same machine and the same material, the larger the diameter, the greater the yield.

Features of Beston Biomass Pelleting Machine

1. Integrated Design

Beston biomass pellet making machine is of integrated design, which contains dedusting system and control system in the same unit. The compact design can save your floor space. At the same time, it makes sure that the whole workshop is clean and free from dust.

2. Easy Operation

It employs a quantitative auger conveyor to feed raw materials and lubricating oil automatically. So the machine can keep working for 24 hours a day. And you can get pellets soon after feeding. Also, the fully sealed design makes it free of maintenance. Obviously, the whole biomass pellet making process is easy to operate. More than that, the biomass pellet mill is power-driven only to lower the operating cost.


Biomass Pellet Making Machine Design
Biomass Pellet Making Machine Design

3. Ring Die Biomass Pellet Mill

We use ring die pellet machine because it is applicable for pelletizing a wide range of biomass materials because of its high pressure. Also, it is more productive, which is suitable for large biomass pellet production line. The hourly feeding capacity of Beston biomass pellet press can reach up to 3,000 kg. But it needs less power consumption than the flat die pellet machine due to its high rotation speed. Especially, both sides of the dies can be used to lower your investment cost. You can see a picture on the right side.

Ring Die Biomass Pellet Machine
Ring Die Biomass Pellet Machine

4. Good Durability

The machine mainly adopts Q235B steel and the ring die is made of 20CrMoTi. It has features of high strength and toughness, especially good low temperature impact toughness. Quality materials make the machine more durable to use.

5. Custom Design

Generally, the biomass pelletizer is equipped with a feeding conveyor, dust collector, and power distribution cabinet. You can buy a stand-alone machine only or a complete pellet mill. Also, we can customize the diameter of ring dies, such as 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm. You can contact us for more details.


Ring Dies
Ring Dies

What Are Biomass Pellets Used for?

Advantages of Biomass Fuel

  1. Eco-friendly. Biomass pellet is mainly produced from wood residues, which is an alternative fuel to coal, fossil oil, etc. But biomass fuel is a kind of renewable energy source.
  2. High energy content. Compared to unprocessed biomass materials, its calorific value is between 3,500-5,500 kcal/kg. After carbonization, the calorific value can be up to 7,000-8,000 kcal/kg.
  3. High density. After pelletizing, the volume is only 1/10 of the same weight of straw. So it will lower the costs of transport, storage, handling, and use.
  4. High efficiency of heat utilization. Wood pellets contain 75-85% carbon, 3-6% ash. More than that, there is sulfur produced during burning. So it is eco-friendly to use.
  5. Affordable cost. Even though the heat value of biomass pellets is not as high as coal or oil, it is much more affordable.

Below are some comparison charts for your reference. The data come from the Internet, which may be different in different areas.

Fuel Calorific Value
Fuel Calorific Value
Heating Fuel Cost Comparison
Heating Fuel Cost Comparison

Uses of Biomass Pellets

1.It can be used for residential heating or cooking.
2.Biomass pellets are also widely used to replace coal or fossil fuel in industrial operations.
3.You can also use biomass pellets in power plants to solve the problem of insufficient power supply.
4.Some farmers also use it for animal bedding.

The wide application also means a promising market. That’s why you can invest in a biomass pellet mill for business if you have rich biomass waste.

Biomass Pellets
Biomass Pellets

How Do You Make Biomass Pellets?

Step 1: The raw materials need to be crushed into powders (smaller than 2-5mm).

Step 2: If the material is high in moisture, it must be dried. The suggested water content is less than 10%.

Step 3: Then the prepared raw materials will be fed into the biomass pellet equipment for pelletizing. Inside the biomass pellet mill, rollers extrude the materials through the ring die to make it into pellets. Then the pellets will be cut into 3-5 cm and be discharged. This process is under high temperature and high pressure. So the pellets are very hot, like 80 degrees.

Step 4: Cool down the pellets and pack them up for sale.

Below is a video of wood pellet making machine for your reference.

Main Parts of Biomass Pelleting Machine

The main part of biomass pellet mill includes conveyor belt, cross auger, ring die mold, distribution cabinet, dust collector.

  • Conveyor: It is used to transport the material to the cross auger.
  • Cross auger: To transfer the raw materials into the host main evenly.
  • Distribution cabinet: This is the power supply control system. You can start and stop each part of the pellet mill.
  • Dust collector: To remove the dust produced during biomass pellet production line.
Biomass Pellet Machine
Parts of Biomass Pellet Machine

Operations Guide of Biomass Pellet Machine

1. Check and adjust the distance between the roller and the mold before feeding. The normal range is from 0.1mm to 0.3mm.
2. Make sure there is no foreign matter inside the feeder and pelletizer.
3. The machine can work continuously for 10 hours a day. And change lubricating oil every 3 months.
4. Do not touch the pellets extruded from the mold immediately. They are very hot, about 80 degrees. If you need, we will offer a cooling system.

Factors of Choosing Biomass Pellet Mill for Sale

1. Size of Material

Generally, the suggested size of materials is about 2-5mm. Oversized material cannot pass through the ring die smoothly or even reduce the service life. So if your materials are big, you can employ a crusher to break them into powder first.

2. Water Content of Material

The moisture content of 10% is commonly suitable for most materials. If not, you need to dry materials prior to pelletizing. Of course, the auxiliary equipment will directly influence the biomass pellet machine price.

3. Why Make Biomass Pellets?

There are different materials for making biomass pellets. Ask yourself what you will use the pellets for. For example, the heat values of different pellets are different. Also, the raw material price will directly affect the profits of your biomass pellet plant.

Biomass Pellet Calorific Values
Biomass Pellet Calorific Values

Remarks: This chart is for your reference only. If you want exact details, please send us your materials for testing.

4. Production Yield

Firstly, the price will be different with the different models. If you are not sure about the model, try to know the raw material supply.

5. Space for Workshop

Except for the biomass pellet machine, you also need space for the storage of raw material and pellets. For security, the pellets bags cannot be stocked on site either.

6. Your Budget

It matters the scale of your biomass pellet production line. But do not choose a machine to rely on its price only. If you have any questions, please contact Beston Group Co., LTD. for help.


Shipping of Biomass Pellet Machine
Shipping of Biomass Pellet Machine

FAQ of Biomass Pellet Machine

Biomass Pellet Machine
Biomass Pellet Plant

1. What are biomass pellets made of?

Biomass pellets are produced from organic materials, such as agricultural residues, wood chips, bark, shavings and offcuts, straw, peanut shell, bagasse, bamboo, etc. But you need to mill the materials into powders and dry them (moisture less than 10% ) before pelletizing.

2. How long can I get the machine?

It depends on how many machines you will buy. Generally, it takes 20 working days for one machine and 25 to 40 working days for more than 5 machines.

3. How about the delivery?

Beston biomass pellet equipment is compact design. As for BKL-10 and BKL-20, a 20GP container is enough, and a 40GP is big enough for a BKL-25 and BKL-30. Of course, it may be different according to the real conditions, for example, if you also purchase a dryer or crusher.

4. Is the machine under warranty? 

Of course, Beston products are under a year warranty. Also, we will also offer quality spare parts during service life.

Beston Tips

  1. Test your materials before your purchase to choose suitable molds.
  2. Buy from reliable biomass pellet machine manufacturers, which have rich experience, professional team, and wood pellet making machine.
  3. Do not rely on the biomass pellet machine price only.
  4. Make clear what you want. Your detailed requirements will help the manufacturers to offer you the best solution.

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  • Free online installation service.
  • You can send us samples for testing.
  • If you want more details, please feel free to contact Beston Group Co., LTD. now.

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