Beston Group Will Participate in EXPOMIN 2023

Beston Group is excited to announce that our team will participate in the upcoming EXPOMIN 2023, which is held in Santiago, Chile next April. As a world-famous waste recycling solution provider, Beston Group brings mature solid waste solutions to Latin American customers.

  • Location: Parque Fisa Exhibition & Convention Center, Santiago, Chile;
  • Time: 24 – 28 April 2023;
  • Beston Team: Alba Zhu, Lucas Wang, Forrest Huang, Lilian Chen.


Why Will Beston Group Participate in EXPOMIN 2023?

EXPOMIN is the largest mining expo in Latin America and has great influence in the construction machinery/industrial and mining industry. EXPOMIN is a space that facilitates the dissemination of knowledge and experience, and especially helps in the supply of innovative ideas and technology for mining companies.

As an issue of great concern all over the world, environmental protection has also attracted widespread attention in the mining industry. Among the consultations we received, there are many well-known mining companies. The common problem they face is the disposal of large waste industrial and mining tires. As a supplier of tire pyrolysis equipment, Beston hopes to help these enterprises solve problems and achieve a win-win situation through its own technology.


Beston Group’s Preparation for EXPOMIN 2023

  1. Mature solid waste recycling solution;
  2. The latest trends and directions of the environmental protection industry;
  3. Professional solution consultants and technicians;
  4. Rich project operation experience and cases in Latin America;

Schedule of Beston’s Business Trip to Latin America

  • April 15th – 16th: from Beijing to São Paulo, Brazil;
  • April 17th: – 21st: visit and receive customers in Sao Paulo;
  • April 22nd: Sao Paulo, Brazil to Santiago, Chile;
  • April 23rd: arrange the booth layout;
  • April 24th – 27th: participate in EXPOMIN 2023;
  • April 28th – 29th: visit Chilean customers;
  • April 30th – May 1st: Return.

At EXPOMIN 2023, Beston Group will have the opportunity to connect with potential customers and partners from the mining industry, who can benefit from its tire recycling technology. By attending this event, Beston hopes to strengthen our presence in the Latin American market and contribute to the region’s sustainable development.

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