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Exported BLJ-3 Small Pyrolysis Machine to Indonesia

Beston Group shipped BLJ-3 small pyrolysis machine to Indonesia at the end of December. BLJ-3 pyrolysis machine is cheap and occupies a small area, and is often used by customers as a test machine. It is understood that Indonesian customers are planning to purchase larger models of pyrolysis machines in the future.

BLJ-3 Small Pyrolysis Plant Exported to Indonesia
BLJ-3 Small Pyrolysis Plant Exported to Indonesia

More Information About BLJ-3 Small Pyrolysis Machine

  • Model: BLJ-3 skid mounted pyrolysis plant;
  • Raw materials and source: purchases shredded tire rubber blocks locally as raw materials;
  • Product requirements: obtain pyrolysis oil and carbon black, and use the pyrolysis oil as fuel oil;
  • Configuration requirements: standard BLJ-3 skid-mounted pyrolysis machine adds a firing chamber.

Why Indonesian Customers Buy Beston Small Pyrolysis Machine?

Professional Product Knowledge

Indonesian customers asked about the feeding method and requirements of the tire blocks for the tire pyrolysis reactor, and Beston solution manager answered the customer’s questions. The final carbon black can be mixed with coal powder and pelletized to be used as boiler fuel. This customer opened up new ideas for product applications.

Customer-centric Service

In order to save procurement costs and achieve project operation results, Beston solution manager introduced the advantages of BLJ-3 to the customer in detail and how this model matches the customer’s needs. Moreover, Beston solution manager can always provide timely and localized services with barrier-free communication.

Nice Design of Pyrolysis Machine

Compared with the machines provided by other waste tyre pyrolysis plant suppliers, skid-mounted pyrolysis equipment designed by Beston is beautiful and clean in appearance, and the machine name is concise and easy to understand. These factors bring Indonesian customers good purchase experience and willing for long-term operation.

Indonesian Customer’s Comments on Beston Service and Product

Indonesian Customer's Comments

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