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Beston Business Visit to Indonesia in 2023

As the world recovers from the pandemic, businesses must adapt to the new normal of international travel. Beston Group is planning a business trip to Indonesia in 2023 to explore opportunities in the country. Our theme for this trip is “Go Abroad, Win the Future.”

Detailed Information About This Business Visit to Indonesia

  • Time: 9th, Feb – 08th, March 2023;
  • Destination: Jakarta & Medan & Surabaya;
  • Purpose: Visit customers;
  • Theme: Go abroad, win the future!

Beston Team to Indonesia in 2023

  • Director of international business: Ms. Bella Hao;
  • Project consultants: Mr. Tom Zhang, Ms. Ivy Wu;
  • Solution manager: Mr. Xu.

The objective of Beston business visit to Indonesia is to visit our customers and explore new business opportunities in the country. We believe that Indonesia’s rapidly growing economy and favorable business climate make it an ideal location for our expansion plans. Another objective includes building relationships with potential partners and understanding the local business culture and practices.

This business trip to Indonesia in 2023 represents a significant opportunity for Beston Group to expand our global presence and win the future. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic and cultural differences, we are confident in our team’s ability to navigate these challenges and build strong relationships with potential partners in Indonesia. We believe that this trip will be a critical step in our company’s continued growth and success.

visit indonesia

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