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Beston BTF 1-4 Coffee Cup Tray Machine Installed in Kazakhstan

Recently, Beston completed the shipment of the coffee cup tray machine to Kazakhstan successfully.

After the goods arrived at the destination, Beston’s engineers installed and commissioned the coffee cup tray making machine by means of online guidance.

During this period, Beston’s engineers also explained how to use the coffee cup tray machine and the precautions to Kazakhstan customers. It aims to ensure that the equipment could be put into production normally. After the commissioning, the customer’s staff operated the coffee cup tray machine, while our engineers guided and answered some questions related to the operation of the coffee cup tray making machine.

The Kazakhstan customer expressed great satisfaction and intended to keep long-term cooperation with Beston.

The Benefits of Using coffee cup trays

Coffee cup trays are very commonly used in daily life. But do you know what are the benefits of using coffee cup trays?

First of all, the main raw materials of coffee cup trays are waste books, old newspapers, book leftovers, recycled old coffee cup trays and other waste paper. It can help recycle resources and help protect the environment. This kind of green product will be loved by people in the future, so the product has a broad development prospect.

Secondly, this paper product has good moisture resistance and breathability, which is conducive to the preservation of coffee. What’s more, using coffee cup trays to load coffee can make the display of merchandise display more pleasing to the eye, thus promoting consumer purchases. Then, the coffee cup tray is relatively soft and can play a good role in preventing the coffee from colliding with each other. It can play a good shockproof and cushioning effect.

Finally, like egg tray machine for sale, the cost of manufacturing coffee cup trays is low but can reach a considerable profit. The manufacturing process is very environmentally friendly. Manufacturing coffee cup trays can get good economic and social benefits.

Beston Company is a good coffee machine manufacturer, please contact us for more details if you need.

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