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Beston BLL-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plants Delivered to the Netherlands

Good news! Beston has shipped 4 sets of BLL-16 plastic pyrolysis plants to the Netherlands. To get higher quality pyrolysis oil, our customers add a set of BZL-10 oil distillation machine. With the joint efforts of Beston Group and customers in the Netherlands, this project went smoothly. Next, we will introduce the project details to you.

Beston Customized Solution for Customers in the Netherlands

Analysis of Raw Materials

Dutch customers take waste plastic as raw material, which was mainly made of domestic waste.

Domestic Plastic Waste in the Netherlands
Waste Plastic Bottles in the Netherlands
Waste Plastic in the Netherlands

Applications of Pyrolysis Oil

Beston has done a lot of market research and analysis and communicated with customers many times, so the customer has an in-depth understanding of the market status of pyrolysis oil and its application in reality, which not only points out the direction for the customer’s business but also for the later stage of the machine. Production and configuration lay the groundwork.

Communicate the Pyrolysis Technology

On the premise of ensuring the safety of product operation, Beston tries its best to meet customer needs. For example, customers have high requirements for exhaust emissions, Beston Group consults local professors and searches market feedback to Confirm the pyrolysis process. Besides, Beston combines the government policy and customers’ requirements in the Netherlands, finally getting a high allocation solution that is in line with customers’ demand.

Customize Higher Quality Pyrolysis machine

Customers has a high demand for the pyrolysis machine. Beston upgraded the pyrolysis furnace and oil cooling tubes as stainless, and the PLC control system is selected from Siemens. In order to achieve environmental protection and save money, Beston recommends that customers share one dust removal system for every two sets of pyrolysis equipment.

Pyrolysis Furnance to the Netherlands
Pyrolysis Furnance
Three-in-one Condenser to the Netherlands
Three-in-one Condenser
Dest Removal System to the Netherlands
Dest Removal System
Discharge System to the Netherlands
Discharge System

After Sales Service

Beston after-sales team and technical department actively provide customers with construction drawings. We have professional drafting engineers. The construction layout was changed before and after 7 editions before the final draft.

The factory actively stocked up and completed the production tasks on time. We assisted third-party inspectors to complete the inspection, and there were no problems during the inspection process. In order to save on the rising sea freight, Beston shipping department has designed the optimal loading plan.


We’ll try our best to meet customers demands. If you’re planning to invest in a pyrolysis plant, please contact Beston Group and get a customized solution now.

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