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Beston BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Machine to Bangladesh

On December 20, 2021, BLJ-3 mini pyrolysis machine was successfully shipped to Bangladesh. Bangladesh customers use Beston pyrolysis equipment to recycle and process waste plastics. After pyrolysis, waste plastic will become pyrolysis oil, carbon black and combustible gas. Bangladeshi customers think that the design of Beston mini pyrolysis equipment is very ingenious, which not only satisfies their needs well but also saves money for them, Beston is a trusted brand.

BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Machine to Bangladesh - Turn Waste Plastic to Pyrolysis Oil
BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Machine to Bangladesh – Turn Waste Plastic to Pyrolysis Oil

Basic Information of BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Machine to Bangladesh

  • Brand: Beston;
  • Model: BLJ-3;
  • Capacity: plastic≤0.5t, tire/rubber ≤2t, oil sludge ≤3t;
  • Reactor Size: Φ1400*5000*16 mm;
  • Reactor Pattern: Rotary;
  • Working Method: Batch;
  • Base Style: Movable;
  • Supporting Facilities: Air compressor, cooling tower, electric control cabinet, oil and gas pipe, spray tower and so on.
Three in one
Three in one
Electric control cabinet and baler
Electric control cabinet and baler
Oil and gas pipe
Oil and gas pipe
Skid-mount pyrolysis machine to Bangladesh
Skid-mount pyrolysis machine

Spray tower to Bangladesh
Spray tower
Cooling tower to Bangladesh
Cooling tower
Air compressor to Bangladesh
Air compressor
Activated carbon canister to Bangladesh
Activated carbon canister

Advantages of Mini Pyrolysis Plant in Bangladesh

Due to the limited budget and land of Bangladeshi customers, Beston recommended the latest designed skid-mounted pyrolysis plant. Skid-mounted pyrolysis equipment has the advantages of small size, favorable price and convenient transportation, and has the same functions as other pyrolysis equipment. Beston BLJ-3 skid-mounted pyrolysis equipment can not only recycle waste plastics, but also waste tires and sludge in Bangladesh.

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