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Beston 1500PCS/H Egg Tray Machine to Niger

Good news! Beston team successfully completed the delivery of 1500pcs/h egg tray making machine to Niger On December 15, 2021. Beston shipping team has rich experience, and the entire delivery process is efficient and orderly. In order to ensure that the egg tray machine received by the customer is in the best condition, Beston engineers will test and run it in the factory first, and then send it to the customer’s location after everything is confirmed. Please read on for the specific delivery information.

Why Niger Customers Choose Beston?

When a Niger customer was looking for egg tray making machine suppliers, he noticed Beston Group and got in touch with us. Beston sales consultants provided professional services to Niger customers, and also led customers to visit the site of Beston factory and office online. In terms of the size of the Beston factory and the strength of the company, Niger customers believe that this is a powerful supplier.

1500pcs Egg Tray Machine to Niger
Egg tray machine on Beston factory
Beston Egg Tray Machine to Niger

Main Components of 1500 PCS/H Egg Tray Machine to Niger

  1. Pulp Beater: mixes waste paper and water into pulp;
  2. Vacuum Pump: Adsorbs the pulp onto the egg tray mould;
  3. Pipelines: conveying pulp and wastewater;
  4. Industrial Packaging Machine: realize automatic packaging and counting, saving labor costs.
Mix Waste Paper and Water
Mix Waste Paper and Water
Beston Industrial Packaging Machine to Niger
Industrial Packaging Machine to Niger
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump


Beston egg tray machines have been successfully installed in many countries and regions, and have been well received by many customers. Beston provides high-quality standard pulp molding equipment, we also support making adjustments according to customer needs. If you are interested, please contact Beston immediately!

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