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3 sets of Thermal Desorption Units are Ready for Shipment to Malaysia

Good news! After several months of production cycle, Beston Group’s factory has completed the production of 3 sets of BLJ-16 thermal desorption units. During the production period, we will promptly report the production progress of the machine to the Malaysian customer. It makes the customer feel at ease. At the end of February 2024, the machine will be shipped to Malaysia. We will also update relevant news in a timely manner in the future.

3 sets of Thermal Desorption Units are Ready for Shipment to Malaysia

Basic Information on Solid Waste Recycling Project in Malaysia

  • Customer industry: power generation;
  • Customer needs: Finding alternative fuels for incinerators that generate electricity;
  • Recycled waste: medical waste plastic & oil sludge;
  • Solution: Obtain pyrolysis oil as fuel through pyrolysis;
  • Machine model used: BLJ-16 thermal desorption unit;
  • Quantity: 3 sets;
  • Added accessories: high-end exhaust gas treatment system + spiral feeding system;
  • Estimated delivery time: mid-March 2024;
  • Equipment installation method: Engineer on-site installation guidance.
3-in-1 Condensation System for BLJ-16 Thermal Desorption Unit
Feeding System for BLJ-16 TDU Unit

Why Malaysian Customers Choose to Cooperate with Beston Group?

During the project, Malaysian customers spoke highly of Beston Group. Customers consider us not only a manufacturer, but also a professional solution provider. Our excellent technology and services allow customers to choose Beston Group.

Customized Configuration Plan

First, customers need to process more than one ingredient. Therefore, there are requirements for the technology and quality of the machine. Our pyrolysis plant fits the bill perfectly. Secondly, the region where the customer is located has higher emission standards. Based on this situation, we added high-end exhaust gas treatment equipment to the configuration plan. As a result, the emissions of the entire system can meet EU standards. Not only that, we also equipped the machine with a spiral feeding system and a 3-in-1 condensation system. This increases convenience of machine operation.

Comprehensive Technical Support

During the project, our technical team is fully committed to providing technical assistance to customers. The client’s project requires a local environmental assessment. Beston Group provided relevant materials and successfully helped Malaysian customers obtain approval. In addition, we also provide customers with project construction-related drawings and auxiliary parts preparation lists in advance. This can significantly improve subsequent installation efficiency.

Thermal Desorption Units Shipped to Malaysia

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We will update the information once the thermal desorption units is installed in Malaysia. If you too would like to start your waste recycling project, please contact us. Believe that Beston Group’s one-stop solution can help you achieve long-term and stable project operation.

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