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3 Sets of Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to USA

Here comes the good news! 3 sets of biochar production equipment are ready to be shipped to the USA. Considering the production site and production needs, this American customer customized different models of machines. They are two sets of BST-05Pro and one set of BST-50. These three sets of biochar equipment are expected to depart from the port in early February 2024. Below are pictures from the delivery site for your reference.

Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to USA in 2024
BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to USA

Details of Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to USA in 2024

The American customer found Beston Group through an online search. After learning about our solutions, this customer felt that our equipment could meet his production needs. During the project, our project consulting specialists maintained close contact with the American customer and responded to the customer’s latest needs on time. Therefore, the project went smoothly. Below are the specific details of the project.

  • Machine model: BST-05Pro & BST-50 Biochar Equipment;
  • Machine working capacity: 0.3-0.5m³/h & 10-15m³/h;
  • Optional components: trommel screen/dryer/crusher
  • Installation method: installation engineer goes to the site for guidance;
  • Raw materials: wood chips;
  • Source of raw materials: locally collected;
  • Final product: high-quality biochar;
  • End product use: soil improvement
BST-05Pro Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to USA
BST-05Pro Biochar Equipment Shipped to USA

Customized Biochar Production Line in the USA

As the result of comprehensive customized solutions, Beston biochar machine is able to meet the needs of this American customer. The customer has high requirements for the quality of biochar. Therefore, the handling of raw materials is quite critical. In addition, customers have strict requirements for dust control at production sites. Therefore, how to reduce the generation of dust during the production process is also critical. Thus, we provide our customers with these specialized equipment to handle these issues.

Dryer of Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to USA in 2024


The dryer is mainly used to remove excess moisture from the original wood chips and ensure that the humidity of the wood chips is reduced to the appropriate level. The dryer can improve the quality of biochar and reduce energy consumption in subsequent production.

Crusher of Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to USA in 2024


Crusher is used to break dry wood chips into smaller particles or powder. This step is to increase the surface area of the wood chips to facilitate subsequent pyrolysis reactions. At the same time, smaller particles also help improve the uniformity and quality of biochar.

Trommel Screen of Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to USA in 2024

Trommel Screen

Trommel screens are used to separate the different sizes of wood chips. This helps ensure that the final biochar product has a uniform particle size that meets the requirements of the specific application. Screening also reduces dust clogging of pipes and dust pollution.

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