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2 Sets of Thermal Desorption Units Installed in South Sudan

Here comes the good news! 2 sets of BLJ-16 thermal desorption units are officially put into installation in South Sudan. The equipment was shipped by the end of 2022. After the construction of the project site and other certificate approvals, the installation of the equipment began recently. Currently, we have completed the basic structure of the thermal desorption system. Here are pictures from the project site for your reference.

2 Sets of Thermal Desorption Units Installed in South Sudan

Installation of BLJ-16 Thermal Desorption System in South Sudan

For this customer in South Sudan, the precise installation of the equipment determines whether the project can proceed smoothly. Therefore, Beston Group arranges a professional installation team to go to the customer’s site. Our technical engineers not only guide installation but also help customers troubleshoot problems that arise during the installation process. Before the equipment arrives at the site, our technical team has laid out the infrastructure construction plan in advance. Therefore, the installation of these two thermal desorption units went very smoothly.

Condensation System of BLJ-16 TDU Unit in South Sudan
Installation of BLJ-16 Thermal Desorption System in South Sudan

One-stop Service Ensures Long-term Success of TDU Projects in South Sudan

Typically, thermal desorption plants involve the pyrolysis of oil sludge. For the treatment of this kind of industrial hazardous waste, stable operation is very important. The South Sudanese customer is concerned about the lack of professional technicians to operate and maintain the machines. Beston Group’s one-stop service dispelled his concerns. We not only provide installation services but also help customers with machine debugging and trial operations. Not only that, we also provide training for the on-site project operation team. In addition, we will also help customers solve problems that arise after the equipment is officially put into production. This South Sudanese customer is very satisfied with our service.

BLJ-16 Thermal Desorption Plant in South Sudan

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After these two sets of BLJ-16 thermal desorption systems are officially put into production, we will update the relevant information, so please continue to pay attention. If you are also interested in solid waste recycling projects, please contact us. We will provide you with customized recycling solutions.

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