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1000 pcs Egg Tray Making Machine to Indonesia

Beston shipped 1000 pcs egg tray making machine to Indonesia in August 2020.

Although this machine is small in size, it is also very efficient. Many small investors regard the BTF1-3 egg tray machine as their first choice for investment. Compared with other models, this is the cheapest one. And it is very easy to install and transport.

1000 pcs Egg Tray Making Machine
1000 pcs Egg Tray Making Machine
Egg Tray Machine Ready to Indonesia
Egg Tray Machine Ready to Indonesia

Egg Tray Machine to Indonesia

Some parts will be packed by professional workers and shipped to trucks. Generally the egg tray machine will reach its destination within 45 working days. And Beston after sales team will guide the installation and operation later.

Loading Egg Tray Machine to Indonesia
Packaged Parts to Indonesia
Accessories to Indonesia

Beston egg tray equioment has won a good market in Indonesia. Because there is a great demand for eggs and egg trays in Indonesia. And egg trays produced by Beston egg tray machines are of very good quality. The profit of egg tray production is very considerable in Indonesia.

We have maintained a good cooperative relationship with many Indonesian customers. If you need to know more detailed information, please leave a message on this page. We will give you a reply within 8 hours.

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