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10 Tons Wood Sawdust Recycling Machine to Venezuela

Beston shipped a full set of 10 tons wood sawdust recycling machine to Venezuela on December 20, 2021. Venezuelan customers can use waste wood and sawdust to make barbecue charcoal and industrial charcoal. We trust this machine can improve local environment and economy.

Beston 10 Tons Wood Sawdust Recycling Machine to Venezuela
10 Tons Wood Sawdust Recycling Machine to Venezuela – Beston Group

Video of Wood Sawdust Charcoal Recycling Machine to Venezuela

You can see from the video that Beston workers are loading wood charcoal manufacturing machine to the trucks in the factory. Beston factory is very large and has professional staff and technical engineers. Venezuelan customers are very satisfied with the strength of our factory. We both agreed on the production details and delivery date.

Shipping Details of Wood Sawdust Recycling Machine to Venezuela

As you can see from the picture, Beston workers matched all the parts as required and finally shipped wood sawdust recycling machine to the truck. The outer part of each part is packed with plastic film, and the larger parts are fixed in wooden boxes, which can prevent the full set of charcoal machine from wearing and bumping during the journey. Venezuelan customers also praised our delivery speed and delivery details.

Casing Shipped to Venezuela
Accessories Wrapped in Film
Accessories Wrapped in Film
Water Cooler to Venezuela
Water Cooler
Wooden packing
Wooden Packing

Wood Sawdust Recycling Machine Loaded on the Truck
Loaded on the Truck
Smaller Carbonization Furnace to Venezuela
Smaller Furnace
Shipment of Carbonization Furnace
Bigger Furnace
Sawdust Charcoal Machine on Beston Factory
On Beston Factory

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