Charcoal Making Machine

Waste Biomass to Charcoal


Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Tyre/Plastic/Oil Sludge to Fuel Oil


Pulp Molding Machine

Waste Paper to Paper Packaging Products

Palm Cultivation And Palm Oil
Gardening And Wood Processing
Agricultural Planting
Plastic Recycling
Tyre Recycling
Industrial Hazardous Waste Treatment
Breeding/Agricultural Product Packaging
Tableware/Industrial Packaging

Application Industry


Coconut Shell to Charcoal
Sugarcane Bagasse to Charcoal

Palm Cultivation And Palm Oil

Palm Fruit Bunches to Charcoal
Palm Fibre to Charcoal

Gardening And Wood Processing

Bamboo to Charcoal
Sawdust to Charcoal
Wood to Charcoal

Agricultural Planting

Straw to Charcoal
Rice Husk to Charcoal

Plastic Recycling

Plastic to Pyrolysis Oil

Tyre Recycling

Tyre to Pyrolysis Oil

Industrial Hazardous Waste Treatment

Oil Sludge to Pyrolysis Oil

Breeding/Agricultural Product Packaging

Waste Paper To Egg Tray

Tableware/Industrial Packaging

Pulpboard To Tableware
Pulpboard To Industrial Packaging

Focus on Resource Recovery

Beston Group Co., Ltd. is a leader in the environmental protection industry. We focus on global resource recycling solutions, equipment manufacturing and project implementation. We have a comprehensive service system, all for the long-term success of our customers.


Funded in 2013


Chinese Export in Environmental Protection Industry


Overseas Branch Offices


Senior R&D Engineers




Export Countries


Successful Cases



Globle Cases

Installation Site of Pyrolysis

Installation Site of Pulp
Molding Project

Installation Site of Charcoal
Making Project


Beston Group Service

Pre-Sale Services

Provide initial configuration plans through early communication
Invite customers to visit the equipment production site
Provide final design solutions according to customer needs

During Production Services

Regularly report machine production progress
Monitor the entire machine transportation process
Guide customers in advance on infrastructure construction

After Sales Services

Engineers provide installation guidance on site
Provide professional operational training
Continuously follow up on equipment operation status

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